Golfer not letting age get to him

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STEINBACH – In golf, the lower the number, the better. But not in Ken Warwick’s case.

“I’m 60,” said the Niakawa Country Club golfer. “I’ve got golf shoes older than (the other guys).”

Warwick is the senior at this year’s Golf Manitoba Nott Autocorp Men’s Amateur Championship, competing against golfers with an average age of 22.

“The golf ball doesn’t know how old you are,” said Warwick. “It’s just a matter of playing smart and shooting a good score.


It’s the first time Warwick has played in the tournament in ten years. He’s teed up in at least 25 before, finishing sixth a handful of times.

“I’m not quitting my day job,” said Warwick. “I don’t have my name on my golf bag. I’m not going to be making any money at it.”

While Warwick’s two round score of +14 may not standout in the field of 116, he’s still leaving his mark on the course helping to mentor the province’s up-and-coming golfers.

“He has experience,” said Aaron Cockerill, a 22-year-old golfing with Warwick. “He’s a good player. Has played in a few tournaments. You can learn something from him.”

“It’s pretty cool to be that age and be able to compete with all the young guys,” said Travis Fredborg, one of the juniors participating in the provincial championship. “It’s impressive. That’s the game of golf though. You’re able to play until you’re 70-80 years old.”

Proving that it doesn’t matter what number is on your birth certificate or scorecard.

“It’s just nice to get out, play and compete with the guys,” said Warwick.

The 2014 Nott Autocorp Men’s Amateur Championship runs until Thursday. The final two rounds will be played at the Niakwa County Club.

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