Meet Edmonton’s $50M lottery winners

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WATCH ABOVE: What would you do if you won the lottery? One couple in Alberta took a long time to think about that, keeping the $50-million win a secret for seven months. Mike Drolet reports.

EDMONTON – The owners of the $50 million Lotto MAX ticket from Dec. 20, 2013 knew they won two days after the draw, but decided to keep it a secret.

Andrea and Bill Groner were presented with their $50 million cheque on Tuesday, more than seven months after buying the lucky ticket.

The Groners purchased the ticket from the Shefield Express store inside Londonderry Mall.

Once she heard the winning numbers called, Andrea checked the ticket at a self serve scanner at the mall on Dec. 22.

“When I checked the ticket, the first thing I should have had was my glasses on,” she joked. “I didn’t have those with me. I had to get the retail clerk there to tell me what it said on the self scanner. She was more excited than I was at the time. I was in disbelief.”

Then, she waited until she got home to tell her husband the news in person.

Andrea and Bill Groner, Edmonton’s $50 Million LOTTO MAX winners

Supplied, Western Canada Lottery Corporation



  • Wanted: unknowing multi-millionaire

  • $50 million LottoMax ticket sold in Edmonton

    “We had to maintain a normal lifestyle until we could get all our ducks in a row that we had to take care of in our own lives,” said Andrea.

    While they held off on claiming the winning ticket for months, they told some close family and friends.

    “The people that we wanted to know already know.”

    A spokesperson for the Western Canada Lottery Corp. said in June that it’s possible that winners know, but choose to delay collecting on the ticket for some reason. However, the length of time the ticket remained unclaimed was unusual.

    “This is the longest that a $50 million jackpot has gone unclaimed,” said Andrea Marantz.

    READ MORE: Wanted: unknowing Edmonton multi-millionaire 

    The Groners say they plan to support friends and family as well as donate to charity.

    The couple has been married 25 years, but never went on a honeymoon. They plan to spend some of the money on a honeymoon now.

    Andrea, who is 47, will be retiring in December from her job with an electrical supply company.

    Bill, 54, just retired from his job as a heavy equipment operator.

    “The strong, silent type,” he said with a smile.

    “We’ve got our whole lives to think what we’re going to do with the win,” Andrea added. “It’s not anything we’re going to rush into. I think we did go out for dinner that night, didn’t we?”

    This is the largest win from a ticket sold in Edmonton. It is the second largest win in Alberta.

    Top lottery wins in Edmonton

    Supplied, Western Canada Lottery Corporation

    The Groners say they regularly bought lottery tickets, and have continued to play since the big win.

    During the seven months in which the ticket was unclaimed, the couple would watch news stories asking where the winner was and would say, “we’re right here.”

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Home invasion, chases keep Prince Albert police busy

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PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. – It’s been a busy 24 hours for Prince Albert, Sask. police officers as they dealt with a home invasion, two stolen vehicle chases and a break and enter.

The home invasion happened around 7:30 p.m. Monday at a home in the 200-block of 9th Street East.

Officers were told that a man and two women had forced their way into the unlocked home and started assaulting people before fleeing on foot.

None of the victims required medical attention.

Police were able to track down the suspects a short distance away.


Gerald Aaron Bear, 27, is charged with break and enter, assault and breach of an undertaking.

Shakira Lucky Ratt, 20, is charged with break and enter, assault and assault with a weapon while Sharlise Justice Sutherland-Kayseas,19, is charged with break and enter and assault.

All three appeared in Prince Albert provincial court Tuesday morning.

The first chase took place just before 1 a.m. Tuesday when police spotted a vehicle at 6th Avenue and 15th Street East that had been reported stolen a short time earlier.

The vehicle went north to River Street and then took off at a high rate of speed east on River before turning south on Central Avenue.

A brief chase then ensued and the vehicle proceeded to 5th Avenue where the driver left the vehicle and left it to roll into a line of parked cars, damaging two.

The canine unit was called in but was unable to locate the suspect.

Then just after 4:30 a.m., officers spotted a dark-coloured vehicle travelling in the 1200-block of 14th Street West with no lights.

An attempt was made to stop the vehicle but the driver evaded police. The vehicle was then located minutes later in the 800-block of 15th Street West.

Officers tried to stop the vehicle but the driver refused and a chase ensued. The driver eventually lost control and hit a street sign on Marquis Drive.

The driver fled on foot while two passengers were taken into custody.

The canine unit was called in and the area was contained by police which resulted in the capture of the 20-year-old driver.

He has been charged with theft of a motor vehicle, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, evading police, impaired operation of a motor vehicle, exceeding .08, obstruction of a peace officer and two counts of breach of probation.

One passenger, a 19-year-old man, has been charged with possession of stolen property obtained by crime and two counts of breach of probation while the second passenger, a 17-year-old female, is charged with possession of stolen property.

Also on Monday, a man entered an unlocked home in the 300-block of 13th Street East and stole a purse.

The thief was spotted by a neighbour who alerted police.

A search of the area by a canine unit failed to turn up the suspect but the purse and contents were recovered.

Police are looking for an Aboriginal male, 14 to 15 years old with collar length hair. He was wearing a faded green hoodie and faded blue jeans.

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Airlines suspend more Tel Aviv flights, Air Canada cancels flight

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WATCH: Delta Airlines CEO Richard Anderson says the airline will only lift ban once they have concrete information from US government that it’s safe to fly into Israel.

A number of international airlines continue to cancel flights to Tel Aviv because of ongoing safety concerns amid the fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Canadian flights



  • Air Canada cancels flight, FAA restricts US flights to Tel Aviv

  • Flight bans show skittishness over trouble spots

    Air Canada’s evening flight from Toronto to Tel Aviv was cancelled Wednesday afternoon, a day after it cancelled it’s Tuesday flight to Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport.

    Wednesday’s Flight AC84 as well as Thursday’s return flight AC85 were both cancelled.

    “We will continue to evaluate the situation going forward, and provide updates as needed,” read a statement from a company spokesperson.

    Customers with flights booked to Tel Aviv up until July 31 are able to change their flight free of charge.

    U.S. flights

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  extended its ban on U.S. airlines’ flights to and from Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport for up-to-an-additional 24 hours, which would be 12:15 p.m. ET Thursday. The ban was first issued Tuesday at 12:15 p.m. ET and was in response to a rocket strike that landed near the airport on Tuesday morning.

    American Airlines–which runs US Airways–said Wednesday’s flights and Flight 797, Tel Aviv (TLV) to Philadelphia (PHL), on July 24 had also been cancelled.

    “If the FAA approves, we plan to resume service on July 24 with PHL to TLV, and operate TLV to PHL on July 25. We remain in contact with the FAA and continue to monitor the situation,” said spokesperson Michelle Mohr in an email to Global News.

    European flights

    Germany’s Lufthansa and Air Berlin extended their cancellations through Thursday and Air France said it was suspending its flights “until further notice.”

    Following the FAA ban, the European Aviation Safety Agency late Tuesday said it “strongly recommends” that airlines refrain from operating flights to and from Tel Aviv. It said it would “monitor the situation and advise on any update as the situation develops.”

    Lufthansa said its decision applies also to its subsidiaries Germanwings, Austrian Airlines, Swiss and Brussels Airlines. In all, 20 flights from Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Vienna and Brussels were cancelled for Thursday.

    The airline initially had suspended flights for 36 hours through the end of Wednesday. Those cancellations were extended because “at the current time there is no sufficiently reliable new information that would justify a resumption of air operations,” Lufthansa said.

    Air Berlin said it is working in close contact with authorities and is continuing to evaluate the situation regularly to determine whether further cancellations were necessary.

    Among other European airlines, KLM, Alitalia and Scandinavian Airlines also cancelled flights Tuesday and Wednesday, but did not immediately announce their plans for Thursday flights.

    British flights

    British Airways, however, said Wednesday it has not cancelled any of its Tel Aviv flights and had no immediate plans to do so. The airline would not answer questions about how it had made its decision to keep flying while others were cancelling, citing security reasons.

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UPDATE: Natural gas leak in Dartmouth industrial park contained

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HALIFAX – A natural gas leak prompted the evacuation of up to 50 businesses in Burnside Wednesday morning.

Deputy Fire Chief Roy Hollett said crews punctured the gas line near Akerley Boulevard and Joseph Zatzman Drive around 8:45 a.m.

“Now it’s leaking quite a bit,” he said.

Power to the area was shut down and traffic was diverted as crews worked to contain the leak.


“The LEL, lower explosive limit levels, were high enough that it was a concern for us to expand the area of the evacuation considerably,” Hollett said.

“We’ve opened up some sewer covers and the levels have dropped enough to where it’s more or less being cautious right now than an immediate hazard.”

Hollett explained the levels were between nine to 11 per cent. He said 14 to 15 per cent connotes an immediate risk of an explosion.

“We’re always concerned. We’re just monitoring the area, monitoring the levels and doing everything we can to dissipate the gas from the sewers and the area,” Hollett said.

“Natural gas is lighter than air so it leaks and it will all go up. Our concern was it was going through the sewers and into the buildings.”

Sam Walker works at Olympia Tile, which was evacuated by firefighters.

“They told everybody in the building we had to leave. Everybody was calm, cool and collected,” he said.

“We were just told everybody had to leave for the day because they don’t know how long it’s going to be.”

Tom Duggan works at Industrial Safety World, which was near the site of the leak.

“We could smell the gas but thankfully the wind was blowing uphill an took the gas away from us,” he said.

For some businesses, the leak was more than an inconvenience. Geoff Taylor owns Dartmouth Surplus, which was not evacuated by the leak but was affected by the traffic detours.

“We closed the door. We had no power. We had to send some staff home,” Taylor said.

He estimates the business lost thousands of dollars in sales due to the disruption.

“We’re always worried about shutting down for the whole day. If you’re missing sales, they’re gone. You don’t really get them back. You just deal with the issue and re-open as soon as you can.”

The leak was pinched about two hours later and Heritage Gas crews worked to repair the rupture. The evacuation order was lifted and Akerley Boulevard was re-opened to traffic. Power was also restored to the area.

Heritage Gas said the crews that ruptured the gas line were not its workers but rather a third-party.

The municipality confirmed to Global News that the contractor is Dexter Construction, which was awarded a tender to do sidewalk work in Burnside.

HRM spokesperson Brendan Elliott said contractors are required to take precautions before beginning any work.

“All contractors that work for HRM, when they win a contract, they’re required to see all the different pipes that are underground in the area where they’re going to be doing their work. Whether it be natural gas, electrical lines, they have an obligation before the work to see where the hot spots might be,” Elliott said.

“In this case, we would assume that work would have been done but we can’t speak about specifics of this case.”

Elliott said contractors are also required to get updated mapping of the areas they are working on every 14 days.

He said the municipality will be investigating whether Dexter Construction performed the appropriate checks and balances.

Elliott could not comment specifically on Wednesday’s event and whether the company could face any repercussions such as penalties or fines.

Global News reached out to Dexter Construction for an explanation but the company declined to comment.

The municipality said the contractor will be allowed to continue work in the Burnside area.

Here’s a map of other recent gas leaks in the Halifax-area:

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How should schools accommodate children with allergies?

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WATCH ABOVE: A preview for 16×9’s “No Milk Allowed.”

Students at one Catholic elementary school in Hamilton, Ont., have been told not to bring any dairy to school. No milk. No yogurt. No cheese.

That is because of one student, Elodie Glover, and her mother Lynne. Seven-year-old Elodie has potentially life-threatening allergies to dairy and egg.

“It’s terrifying being the mother of a child with such severe allergies,” said Lynne Glover.


Those allergies have prompted Lynne to take what some have called “drastic measures” to keep her daughter safe and educate those around her.

Lynne wants all allergens treated the same, like peanuts or tree nuts. It’s been almost a decade since peanut butter sandwiches were banned from lunch bags. Now, milk is the food on people’s radar.

That is partly because food allergies in children have tripled in the last twenty years and milk is the most common childhood allergy, affecting up to three per cent of kids.

When Lynne enrolled Elodie in kindergarten at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School in 2011 she says she asked the school if they would protect Elodie.

“I was told every child has a right to a public education and we will do everything it takes to keep her safe,” said the mother of five.

WATCH BELOW: Lynne Glover’s seven year old daughter, Elodie, has a life-threatening allergy to dairy. After Elodie suffered multiple reactions at school, Lynne took Elodie out of class and filed a human rights complaint claiming the school board discriminated against her daughter.

It is the children susceptible to anaphylaxis that are at the most risk; a potentially fatal reaction that can occur within minutes of ingestion.

“The reason it happens very quickly is because these people are so allergic that their immune system reacts quickly and their multi-system allergic reaction happens suddenly and explosively,” says Dr. Gordon Sussman, who has been treating allergies since the 1980s.

There is no cure but it can be treated with Epi Pen. Life with allergies becomes about managing risk and being vigilant, said Lynne.

Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Elementary School does have a policy for students with severe allergies, a mandatory requirement after 13-year-old Sabrina Shannon died after accidentally consuming dairy at a school in Pembroke, Ontario in 2003.

At Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Elementary School Epi Pens are nearby, teachers are trained in allergy awareness, signs are posted outside classrooms and announcements are made in the school newsletter asking parents to avoid bringing allergens.

But allergens were still available at school functions, distributed in the milk club, the breakfast club and allowed in the classroom.

Elodie would eat at a separate table or in a separate room. Lynne said the segregation was taking a toll on the young girl. “Every child likes to go out and socialize with their friends,” she said.

Seven-year-old Elodie Glover has potentially life-threatening allergies to dairy and egg.


Lynne says the school was discriminating against her daughter. She filed a human rights complaint last year, saying Elodie’s right to an education was being violated. Lynne pulled Elodie out of class.

The school denies any discrimination.

“…A lot of people feel and say these parents are unrealistic,” says human rights specialist Maurice Brenner. “What they want are assurances that these school boards will put in place initiatives up to the point of undue hardship. That’s what the human rights code says.”

After a lengthy negotiation and mediation period, a partial settlement was reached just days before Elodie was supposed to start Grade 2. Dairy will not be allowed in Elodie’s classroom.

While Lynne is pleased with the outcome, other parents are not. They say that milk is important for nutrition and the school did enough to keep Elodie safe.

But Lynne says she is asking for Elodie, and other children with severe allergies, to be respected. She is asking for a little empathy.

“What if it was your child?”

16×9’s “No Milk Allowed” airs this Saturday at 7pm.

16×9 will be hosting a live chat about school children and allergies. Weigh in on the discussion from 8PM-10PM ET this Saturday.

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Nurses’ Union says B.C. not ready to deal with Ebola; Health Minister says otherwise

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VANCOUVER – In B.C. the nurses’ union says this province is not ready to deal with Ebola.

Their concerns come after word three people have been tested for the deadly virus here. All those tests have come back negative, but nurses say they have not received enough training or the proper equipment to handle an Ebola case.

The union president says 60 per cent of major hospitals in our province are not up to speed with proper infection control procedures and more communication and training is needed.


“It’s one thing to have papers and policies and procedures on just that, on paper, but it’s another thing to enact them on the front line, on the ground level,” said Gayle Duteil, BC Nurses’ Union president. “And that’s not being done, nor is it being communicated.”

However, provincial health officer Dr. Perry Kendall said the chances of someone in British Columbia getting exposed to Ebola are ‘vanishingly small if not zero,’ and there are more important things for British Columbians to worry about.

There have been no confirmed cases in Canada or B.C.

Kendall says he has heard concerns from the president of the BC Nurses’ Union.

“Other provinces have similarly heard concerns from front line staff,” he said.

Health Minister Terry Lake issued a statement Wednesday morning, reassuring British Columbians that B.C. is ready to deal with Ebola.

He says B.C. is using the top international infection control systems and procedures.

“B.C. health authorities have put in place internationally accepted infection control systems and procedures that reflect those being used by experts around the world. These are the same standards being used by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia; in the U.S. that have cared for Ebola virus disease cases; and by Medecins Sans Frontieres, operating in West Africa,” says Lake.

He says that B.C. is leaning on its experience in managing the SARS outbreak of 2003, and the H1N1 outbreak of 2009.

Lake says the first priorities of health authorities is to ensure that workers are “confident in and competent with the personal protective equipment available, so that if they have to use it, they can do so safely and with confidence.”

WATCH: Leaders of National Nurses United slams officials at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital for their handling of Ebola cases. They say due to lack of proper training, nurses were unnecessarily exposed to the virus. Cheryl Hurd reports.

– With files from Yuliya Talmazan

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Putin to focus on Ukraine during trip to Milan

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MOSCOW – Trying to manoeuvr out of the worst Russia-West crisis since the Cold War, President Vladimir Putin is unleashing a diplomatic blitz involving a series of meetings with Western leaders during his visit to Italy.

Putin’s two-day trip to a Europe-Asia summit in Milan, which begins Thursday, offers him the first chance to discuss the Ukrainian crisis with EU leaders since his visit to France in June to attend the D-Day anniversary.



  • Ukraine says it has evidence Russian troops on its territory are withdrawing

  • Putin orders Russian troops back to usual bases after drills near Ukraine border

    The U.S. and the European Union have imposed a series of economic sanctions against Moscow over its annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and support for a pro-Russia insurgency in eastern Ukraine. High-level contacts have been sharply curtailed, and Putin hasn’t travelled to Europe since a brief visit to Vienna in late June.

    In an interview with the Serbian daily Politika released by the Kremlin on Wednesday, Putin angrily dismissed Western sanctions as an “absurd and illusory” attempt to isolate Russia.

    “It is obviously impossible to achieve it, but the economic health of Europe and the world can be seriously undermined,” said Putin, who will make a stopover in Serbia on Thursday en route to Milan.

    Putin harshly criticized President Barack Obama for mentioning Russia as a major threat to humanity alongside the Ebola virus and the Islamic State group. “We hope that our partners will realize the futility of attempts to blackmail Russia and remember what consequences discord between major nuclear powers could bring for strategic stability,” he said.

    Presidential foreign affairs adviser Yuri Ushakov said that Putin will meet Thursday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and attend a dinner involving other leaders. They last met face-to-face at the World Cup final in Rio de Janeiro in July.

    Merkel said she expects to discuss the fulfilment of a cease-fire deal signed last month in Minsk, which has helped reduce hostilities but failed to completely halt fighting.

    “I expect an open exchange of views and progress in implementing the Minsk agreement. … We will talk about how we can transform the Minsk agreement into reality,” Merkel told reporters in Berlin.

    Late last month, Merkel said the EU still wasn’t considering removing the sanctions because of ongoing fighting.

    On Friday, Putin will have breakfast with the leaders of Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Ukraine and the European Union that will focus on Ukraine. A separate meeting involving Putin and the leaders of France, Germany and Ukraine is also being considered.

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said he’s pinning big hopes on the meetings in Milan. He spoke with Putin over the phone Tuesday to discuss preparations for the talks.

    The Kremlin said the two leaders agreed to discuss the gas dispute among other issues. Much of the Russian gas supplied to the EU passes via pipelines crossing Ukraine, and the pricing dispute has raised fears of a supply crisis in Ukraine and the EU.

    European Union energy commissioner Guenther Oettinger plans to bring together the Russian and Ukrainian energy ministers for talks in Berlin next Tuesday aimed at securing a temporary deal to ensure supplies through the winter.

    In an apparent show of goodwill before the trip to Milan, Putin over the weekend ordered 17,600 Russian troops to pull back from areas near the border with Ukraine and return to their home bases.

    Ukraine and the West have repeatedly accused Russia of fueling the insurgency with weapons and fighters, allegations Moscow has rejected.


    Geir Moulson in Berlin contributed to this report.

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Gas prices expected to continue to fall in Canada

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MONTREAL – Canadian motorists should expect even lower prices at the pump in the coming weeks as a glut in the global supply of crude is expected to push retail gasoline prices to a two-year low.

Gasoline prices have plunged 23 cents per litre since the end of June as Brent crude, the international benchmark, has fallen nearly 20 per cent to US$85 per barrel from US$106.

READ MORE: Why gas prices are falling across Canada


The price of West Texas Intermediate crude, the U.S. benchmark, has also been in sharp decline, with the November contract down a further $3.90 to US$81.84 a barrel on Tuesday.

The average retail gasoline price across Canada was about 1.23 per litre Tuesday, down from just under $1.43 on June 25, according to Roger McKnight, an analyst with En-Pro International.

Edmonton had the lowest price at $1.11 a litre on Tuesday, while Sherbrooke, Que., was highest at $1.34.

READ MORE: Shell brings back 1984 gas prices to celebrate anniversary

McKnight anticipates prices falling further, perhaps even later this week.

“I could see it (crude) going down another $6 a barrel for WTI and that would translate in to another three cents per litre (at the pumps) within the next 30 days,” he said.

Prices are falling as Middle East oil producers have launched a price war by increasing production to preserve their market share in the face of increased output of U.S. shale oil and higher Canadian oilsands production.

With U.S. oil imports falling amid the highest domestic production since 1965, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is chasing customers in Asia and Europe in a move to block exports of U.S. shale oil, McKnight said in an interview.

Crude is trading at below cost so any further decreases makes new shale oil production unfeasible, he added.

“You may actually have to shut some down and it makes the oilsands very precarious indeed.”

WATCH: Gas prices are dropping. Tamara Forlanski reports from Winnipeg.

Energy-market watcher Dan McTeague said the low gasoline prices are good for Canadian consumers and businesses, but hurt the oil industry, government tax revenues and the Canadian economy.

“I think it’s very bad news for Canada as a whole,” he said.

McTeague said he doesn’t foresee the situation changing much until there is a fundamental shift in supply.

“Right now demand is slackening and supply is in surplus territory.”

The former Liberal MP said gasoline prices would be even lower if the Canadian dollar were stronger. In addition to the price war, oil prices have come down as money managers who were largely responsible for driving up prices walk away from long positions, he added.

“It does mean that between now and at least Christmas Canadians will continue to have something they haven’t’ had since before 2006 and that’s prices that reflect supply and demand, rather than premiums being based on innuendo and rumour by financial speculators.”

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Calgary power outage enters day 4

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CALGARY – Thousands of people remain without power as a major electrical outage continues in the city’s downtown core.

Power was lost on Saturday evening after an underground fire sparked in the area of 8th Street and 5th Avenue S.W., severely damaging electrical systems.

According to the City of Calgary, the outage has impacted about 1,900 metered customers in 112 residential and commercial buildings.



  • Enmax on track to have power restored by Thursday

  • Calgary’s electrical outage: Where to find help or offer it

  • Power outage shuts down provincial courthouses and other government buildings

  • Not business as usual this week in downtown Calgary, due to power outage

    Officials were able to coordinate a total of 300 rooms for displaced residents on Tuesday night, and didn’t need to open a temporary shelter at the Big 4 Building, which was on standby.

    The Information Centre at Mewata Armoury  (801 – 11 Street SW) will be open from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. on Wednesday.

    Where is power out?

    There are currently power outages between 5th Street S.W. and 11th Street S.W. —; and 4th Avenue S.W. and 7th Avenue S.W.

    When will power be restored?

    Enmax is working to repair the equipment and determine what caused the fire, but anticipate power should be entirely restored to the affected area by noon on Thursday, October 16th.

    For more information on the progress that has been made, you can visit the Enmax blog.

    Is Calgary Transit affected?

    Calgary Transit says for the most part things are operating as usual. However, some bus routes will be detoured until further notice.

    CLICK HERE for more information from Calgary Transit.

    WATCH: Emergency Operations Centre update from Wednesday, October 15th. Originally broadcast at 4:00 PM MT.

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UPDATE: Eviction deadline looming for Oppenheimer Park tent city residents

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WATCH: Just hours before tonight’s court-ordered deadline for campers to leave Oppenheimer Park —; a body was discovered in one of the tents. Randene Neill has the latest.

VANCOUVER – A person has been found dead in a tent in Oppenheimer Park on the day the campers were ordered to be evicted, but police say the death does not appear to be suspicious.

The victim has been identified as a 69-year-old man, but he has not been positively identified.

His body was found inside a tent around 11 a.m. this morning.

Cst. Brian Montague of the Vancouver Police says it appears the person may have been deceased for a couple days.

There are no visible signs of violence or trauma, and there is no apparent or obvious cause of death.

The VPD has turned the investigation over to the BC Coroners Service.

Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson issued a statement on the death, saying the tragedy demonstrates why tent camps are not safe.

Tonight marks the deadline for campers at Vancouver’s Oppenheimer Park to dismantle their homeless camp.

All tents, structures and shelters must be removed from the area by 10 p.m. Wednesday.

The city was granted an injunction last week and the campers were given a week’s notice to find new places to live.

Robertson says over a hundred people from the tent camp have already been moved to shelters and housing units ahead of the eviction deadline.

He says city staff will be on site tonight to inform tent city residents of the options available to them.

READ MORE: A look at life at Vancouver’s Oppenheimer Park

A person has been found dead in a tent in Oppenheimer Park.

Clayton Little / Global News

Vancouver Police say arrests will only be made as a last resort and officers will be wearing special video cameras on their vests during the eviction process. The department says the new equipment is meant to help gather evidence during interactions with the public, while also allowing increased transparency.

“We are asking people to obey the court order but if they interfere with city staff or assault city staff or those intentionally violating the order may be arrested and charged with criminal contempt,” Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu said in a press conference Wednesday morning.

DJ Larkin with the Pivot Legal Society supports the use of cameras, but not solely for the purpose of evicting campers from Oppenheimer Park.

“We support the use of body cameras because it does allow interactions to be filmed, but the fact this is being done as a trial run, really risks re-casting this as a policing issue and not a housing issue,” she says.

Larkin says it’s difficult to see how campers will be able to leave the park by tonight’s deadline.

“There are so many belongings here and so many people here, I can’t see how this would be cleared out by 10 p.m.,” she says. “I haven’t spoken to anyone who intends to resist, but I have spoken to a lot of people who don’t know where they are going to go.”

Larkin says that the emergency shelter spaces being offered by the city to campers are not suitable for everyone.

“I know outreach workers are in the park today, and say they will find a mat on a shelter floor for anyone who wants one, but there are many people here for whom a shelter mat is not acceptable.”

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Alicia Keys rallies for kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls

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NEW YORK —; Alicia Keys held a protest in New York City on Tuesday to raise awareness about the 200-plus Nigerian schoolgirls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in April.

Tuesday marked six months since the girls were abducted. Keys kicked off a protest with 30 others at the consulate general of Nigeria, holding signs that read “We Are Here” and “Safe Schools Now!”


They chanted “Bring back our girls” and “When do we want them? Now! Now! Alive!” as New Yorkers walked up the street during lunch hour, while others stopped to capture photos and video.

Keys, who is pregnant, said in an interview that she felt touched to take action because she is a mother. Her son, Egypt, turned 4 on Tuesday.

“Today is my son’s birthday and it is also making me stand in solidarity with all the mothers of the Chibok girls who have been abducted for six months and are still missing. And it is just outrageous that that’s going on,” the 33-year-old said as others chanted behind her.

Keys recently launched the movement “We Are Here,” which fights for social justice. She also recorded and released a song with the same name.

She was joined by her husband, producer-rapper Swizz Beatz. She said people need a reminder that the schoolgirls are still missing.

“Some people have even told me they’ve heard things about `there’s been progress,’ but there hasn’t been progress because the girls aren’t back,” Keys said. “So I think that we get mixed information. We don’t know, so we just have to keep being made aware of what’s happening.”

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5 teens charged over ice bucket challenge prank on boy with autism

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TORONTO – Five Cleveland teens accused of dumping a bucket full of feces, urine, tobacco spit and water on a fellow classmate were charged Tuesday.

The victim was a 15-year-old boy with autism who thought he was participating in an ice bucket challenge for charity.



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  • U.S. fire captain dies after being injured in ice bucket challenge

  • Charity challenges emerge on heels of ice bucket success

    “This is a horrific act of degradation and violence,” said an online petition set up last month that demanded the students responsible be prosecuted. “It is so harmful and hurtful to that young man and his family and also to the people who know about this. Not only did this group of people damage such a wonderful fundraiser, but they exploited it and this young man past the point of redemption.”

    “This was so premeditated, that it is sickening.”

    READ MORE: U.S. fire captain dies after being injured in ice bucket challenge

    The Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office filed the charges in juvenile court against the teens, who are between the ages of 14 and 16.

    Three of the teens face juvenile charges of delinquency, assault and disorderly conduct while the other two teens were charged with disorderly conduct and will be sent summons to appear in court.

    A police report was filed in early September by the victim’s mother after she reportedly found a video of the incident on her son’s cellphone.

    READ MORE:  Friend of Ice Bucket Challenge creator dies celebrating ALS fundraising

    In an effort to track down the perpetrators, the boy’s mother shared the video with media and on social media channels including 苏州美甲美睫培训论坛 and YouTube.

    “He wants to be a normal kid,” said Dean Valore, the victim’s family lawyer. “He wants to fit in and he wants to have friends.”

    – With files from The Associated Press

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Bodies of 4 Canadians killed in Nepal avalanche, blizzard recovered

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WATCH ABOVE: More than 20 trekkers, including four Canadians, have died and dozens of others are missing after a powerful storm pushed into Nepal, causing an avalanche and blizzard conditions. Eric Sorenson has the details.

KATHMANDU, Nepal – Officials say an avalanche and a blizzard in Nepal’s mountainous north have killed at least 12 people, including four Canadians.

Global News learned Virginia Schwartz and Jane Van Criekingen were among the missing Canadian women, but according to Schwartz’s brother, Mark, they have since been found safe.



  • Most Sherpa guides decide to leave Everest in walkout following deadly avalanche

  • Avalanche sweeps Mount Everest; 12 dead, 4 missing

    The co-founder of Montreal-based travel agency Terra Ultima said Wednesday three Quebecers are among those missing and feared dead.

    Julien Passerini said there were six Quebecers in the area, including a guide. The six left Canada on Oct. 3 for three weeks.

    The three people he described as missing were two women in their 50s and one in her 30s. One of the three is the guide.

    READ MORE: Dozens of Sherpas leave Everest following deadly avalanche

    A statement from the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal said the bodies of five people – four Canadians and one Indian trekker – were recovered from Phu area in Manang district.

    A company called Panorama Himalaya confirmed the death of three Canadian clients in an avalanche while a company called Nepal Hidden Treks confirmed the death of a Canadian woman.

    Panorama Himalaya also said it had rescued three other Canadian trekkers, according to the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal.

    Though avalanches and blizzards are typically expected at the same time, avalanche engineering expert Dr. Dave McClung said what’s unusual is that this avalanche could have affected a trekking party.

    “Normally, in the high mountains they only affect mountaineering parties since trekking routes are too low in altitude to be affected,” he wrote in an email to Global News.

    McClung said he has compiled a database of avalanche fatalities in the high mountains of Asia since about 1895, and this is the first he’s heard of a trekking party being affected—though he cautions that information is still sketchy at this early stage.

    “One possibility is that the cyclone brought large amounts of  snow to elevations where it would not normally occur. Another factor: mountain climbers usually have expertise/training in predicting avalanches whereas that would not normally be the case for people trekking,” he said.

    Based on his past experience both climbing and trekking in Asia’s high mountains, McClung suggested trekkers normally have “very little knowledge of avalanches.”

    “For climbers, avalanches are the second leading cause of death in the high mountains of Asia following falls.”

    The death toll was likely to rise as rescuers struggled through snow and rough terrain to help dozens who remained stranded, the officials said.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper took to 广州蒲友 to voice his sympathy.

    “Laureen and I express our condolences to the families and friends of the four Canadians who lost their lives in an avalanche in Nepal,” he wrote.

    Three villagers were killed Monday in the same district, about 160 kilometres northwest of the capital, Kathmandu, and their bodies were recovered on Wednesday.

    In the neighbouring Mustang district, four trekkers caught in a blizzard died Tuesday.

    Rescuers recovered the bodies of the two Poles, one Israeli and one Nepali trekker from the Thorong La pass area.

    It was initially thought that group had been caught in an avalanche, but government official Yam Bahadur Chokyal said the four trekkers instead had been caught in the blizzard and died.

    READ MORE: Avalanche sweeps Mount Everest; 12 dead, 4 missing

    He said another 14 foreign trekkers have been rescued so far, and two army helicopters were picking up injured trekkers and flying them to Jomsom town.

    Chokyal said it was not possible to say how many trekkers were still on the route stranded by the deep snow but several of them have reached safe ground on Wednesday because of improved weather.

    Five other climbers – two from Slovakia and three Nepalese guides – were hit by a separate avalanche on Mount Dhaulagiri and remained missing.

    The rain and snow in Nepal were caused by a cyclone that hit neighbouring India several days ago.

    October is the most popular trekking season in Nepal, with thousands of foreigners hiking around Nepal’s Himalayan mountains.

    The Thorong La pass is also on the route that circles Mount Annapurna, the world’s 10th highest peak.

    An avalanche in April just above the base camp on Mount Everest killed 16 Nepalese guides, the deadliest single disaster on the mountain.

    Climate experts say rising global temperatures have contributed to avalanches on the Himalayan mountains.

    With files from Global News

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